Printer facilitates project creation, allowing our community to get in early, build, and profit from newly created projects.

Think of Printer as owning shares in a vast investment portfolio. Imagine profiting not just from the price of Printer itself, but from all future projects that stem from its ecosystem. At Printer, we generate new projects and our investors always come first. If you own Printer, you are part of the team. You reap the same benefits as the creators. And unlike any other token out there, Printer allows you to always get in early on every new opportunity.
Printer offers everyone the chance to become part of the team, reaping the same benefits. Holding a Printer token (PRTR) is similar to holding a share in a company. It entitles the holder to the same proceeds and has the same voting power as any other Printer token. If you ever wanted to be part of a developer, incubator, VC, hedge fund and money manager this is your chance. We're creating an ecosystem with a DeFi focus, but without boundaries for how it may evolve. All proceeds from activities (e.g. launching projects, staking, investing income) funnel back to the Printer token, either through buybacks or payouts to holders. That's on top of holders receiving new project tokens when they launch through the ecosystem.
The team comes from a diverse background, including development, hedge funds, high-frequency traders, marketing. Printer was conceptualized and built by a distributed pseudo-anonymous team.
Be sure to check out the first projects we have lined up post-launch.
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